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Dr. Hubbard met with this 75 year old woman to discuss facial rejuvenation. They had a detailed discussion about every aspect of aging which includes sagging, gaunting or sinking in and wrinkling. She was concerned about the sagging of her cheeks and how the sunken areas along her nose and by the corners of her mouth gave the appearance of even more sag. Dr. Hubbard discussed the importance of addressing this sinking in or volume loss at the same time as her facelift to get the best possible result. We now know from CT scans that loss of volume occurs not just from loss of soft tissue but from reabsorption of bone as well. Once the patient’s own fat is harvested, there are innumerable areas to rejuvenate in a very natural way with her own living filler. Dr. Hubbard explained how lower lid eye surgery could remove the bulging fat and how the result is enhanced using this injected fat in the dark deep hollows beneath the eyes.

All humans vary with how deep the angle is between the jaw line and neck. When Dr. Hubbard performs a facelift, his goal is to maximize the result by including a neck lift. This often involves removing some deep fat, superficial fat and tightening the neck muscle that has sagged downward. It was important in her case to recognize and treat her hanging chin, also known as Witches’ Chin, with a separate technique. Leaving this hanging tissue would greatly detract from the resulting jaw line. One can see how natural and rested the appearance can be with these carefully planned techniques.

Surgeon: Dr. Thomas Hubbard
Patient Gender: Female

Case Number: 61

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