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Everyone at Hubbard Plastic Surgery understands that you want noticeable improvements with as little downtime as possible. That's why we are proud to offer Broadband Light or BBL in Virginia Beach. BBL is the most effective Intense Pulse Light (IPL) available today. This sophisticated treatment addresses many aspects of aging – including age spots and dilated or "broken" blood vessels – with virtually no downtime. In addition to the face, BBL can be used to treat areas of the body such as the neck, hands, and chest.

Hubbard Plastic Surgery has helped many men and women in Virginia Beach considering IPL. With the experience of our skin care provider, we can customize the proper IPL treatment for your skin concerns. Request a consultation online or contact our office by calling (757) 600-6227 to discuss your options.

Is IPL (BBL) for Me?

IPL in Virginia Beach is frequently used by individuals with skin irregularities, such as discoloration caused by sun damage. Women who have suffered from hyperpigmentation due to pregnancy or menopause can also benefit, as can some people with red scars, birthmarks, and broken capillaries. IPL is not intended for patients with darker complexions, but other effective treatments are available. Patients using retinoids such as Retinol or Retin-A and those using self-tanners should plan to stop using these products several days prior to IPL treatment. These and other precautions will be discussed prior to your treatment.

During Your Procedure

Hubbard Plastic Surgery will tailor your BBL treatment to your specific skin concerns. There is very little discomfort experienced during an IPL treatment. A handheld device emitting a high-intensity light beam is directed toward the treatment area and may cause a slight prickling sensation on the skin.

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Recovery and Healing

Because our Virginia Beach IPL treatments are non-ablative (meaning that the procedure does not damage the epidermis), there is usually no downtime required. However, some people may experience redness or a slight stinging sensation post-treatment. Most people can return to their normal activities immediately after IPL but must apply sunscreen regularly to protect the skin. Cold compresses applied after treatment will decrease any stinging or redness experienced.

A Complete Makeover

Many people who have IPL treatments to reduce uneven pigmentation also choose facials and peels to refine their appearance and re-texturize their skin. Injectable fillers or BOTOX® Cosmetic can also be combined with IPL for anti-aging benefits.

You May Also Need to Know

Rarely does a treatment come along that brings about so much exciting change with so little downtime as IPL. The specific concerns that this treatment addresses may be appropriate for those with sun damage such as brown (sun) spots of pigment or freckles, enlarged pores, and dilated or "broken" blood vessels.

With 3-4 treatments one month apart, there can be quite a noticeable (and sometimes dramatic) reduction in brown pigment and dilated vessels. Yes, some aggressive skin care products can nicely reduce pigment, and we encourage these products as they bring about other benefits as well; however, appreciable results may take several months and these products may increase the possibility of skin irritation during this time period.

IPL and Rosacea

IPL systems are a relatively new addition to the arsenal of possible treatments for rosacea. Recent studies evaluating the effectiveness of intense pulsed light treatment on rosacea patients have found that 83% of patients had less redness, 75% decreased flushing and improved skin texture, and 64% fewer acne break outs.

If we look at alternative treatments, there are lasers that treat rosacea; however, this mode of treatment often results in a considerably longer recovery with an increase in redness and swelling that lasts 2 to 3 days. There are also lasers that treat brown pigment, but they, too, require a moderate amount of recovery.

IPL can actually treat the brown pigment and vessels simultaneously with less recovery than either of the lasers. Unlike lasers, IPL (BBL) treatments can also improve the appearance of large pores and rough skin texture. Generally, lasers treat only one aspect of aging and require considerable recovery times from several days to 2 weeks or more. IPL addresses multiple aspects of aging with minimal recovery. Most patients can go back to work immediately with only mild redness. Treated areas may experience temporary darkening prior to exfoliation with the normal skin cycle. If desired, makeup can be applied to camouflage these areas during this period.

Please visit our IPL photo gallery page to see actual patient examples of IPL treatment.

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