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This 34 year old Virginia Beach patient had saline textured breast implants placed in 2002 by another surgeon.  Following her procedure, she noticed the right implant fell to the side and the top of the implant was lower.  She had textured implants and did not like the way they felt. We obtained her old records and found that they were 375cc saline with a diameter much too wide for her breast width.  She desired a more natural feel and better positioning on the right so we planned to convert to high profile gel implants with a diameter more appropriate for her breast width.

In order to reposition an implant, it is necessary to perform what is called a capsulorraphy, or closing off of the undesirable part of the pocket.  In this case, it was the far lateral side on the right.  It requires also cutting on the inside to release that area along the breast bone and allow the implant to move more towards the middle.   Under general anesthesia the old implants were removed and the capsule procedures were performed, creating a new and better positioned pocket.  Positioning was checked with sizers, which are temporary implants, and then her soft gel implants were placed.  We can see in her after picture that the tops of the implants are exactly even and have good overall position. The left breast implant has a little prominence along the breast bone due to some underlying rib prominence.  She is very happy with the location of her implants and the soft, natural feel.  

Surgeon: Dr. Thomas Hubbard
Patient Age: 34
Implant Size Left: 375 cc
Implant Size Right: 375 cc

Case Number: 394

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