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This 49-year-old from Virginia Beach had a considerable amount of breast sag, but even more noticeable is the hollowing above.  When the nipples are at, or above the inframammary fold, there is possibility of correcting the sag with implants alone.  The implant is wonderful for filling the upper breast and often allows the patient to avoid a breast lift.   In cases like hers, it is a good option to first try the implant alone and wait six months to see if the remaining sag is acceptable without a lift.  However, if a woman’s main concern is the sag and not the lack of fullness, then implants alone would not be the right plan.  Breast augmentation with a lift will always be a bigger improvement for sag.  This woman elected to try implants alone and wait a number of months for settling.  This was obviously a good decision for her.   

Surgeon: Dr. Thomas Hubbard
Patient Age: 49

Case Number: 407

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