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This Hampton Virginia woman in her early forties was very bothered by the difference in her breast size. Most patients that seek breast augmentation have asymmetry. This asymmetry could be related to shape but more commonly, it is a difference in size. Sometimes the size difference is quite significant and if extremely large, the bigger breast may have sag and need a lift at the same time implants are placed. Many patients are not bothered by sag and it’s a matter of carefully choosing the proper implant to improve symmetry as much as possible. With adjustments that are more significant, it is not wise to just fill the same implant more on one side since the consequences could be making the formally small breasts too wide or have too much fullness above. Therefore it is important to take careful measurements of breast width and determine the right profile. In this patient, her small breast needed considerably more volume but not a significant amount of increased width. Therefore, a moderate plus implant was placed on the right and a moderate implant placed on the left. She was quite pleased with her symmetry.

Surgeon: Dr. Thomas Hubbard

Case Number: 649

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