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This patient was interested in liposuction to a number of areas on her trunk and was also bothered by the crease of her back.  Liposuction techniques have greatly improved in recent years especially with power assisted equipment and the new technique called SAFE liposuction.  SAFE liposuction is not actually safer than regular liposuction but uses modern instrumentation to manipulate the fat in a more smooth contour.  It is more powerful at disrupting and evening out creases.  There is no guarantee of getting rid of her back roll creases completely but the likelihood is greater with this special instrumentation.  She is shown here four months after surgery and is very excited about the results of her surgery, much more smooth and feminine.  We actually did eliminate the back creases, partly due to the method used and the advanced instruments but good elasticity in her skin was also a help.  

Surgeon: Dr. Thomas Hubbard

Case Number: 474

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