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 This 57 year-old woman from Virginia Beach met with me in consultation because she was bothered by excess upper-eyelid skin and bulging of her lower lids. What is important to note in her case is the location of the lower lid bulge.  Commonly, it is immediately beneath the lashes.  However, in her case, the lower lid bulge was lower and to the side.  This type of bulge beneath the eye is known as a “malar bag”.  This differentiation is important because we generally find it is actually not fat, but a roll of muscle that tends to hold fluid.  Since there is no fat to remove, liposuction does not help.  The best treatment is to re-suspend the muscle that has fallen downward and rolled upon itself.  This is done with a “muscle hitch” technique.  A “muscle hitch” and fat injections were performed on this patient, as well as removal of some of the fat bulging above that area.  In addition, she underwent an upper-lid blepharoplasty and is quite pleased with her overall rejuvenation.  She feels that this procedure has restored youthfulness around her eyes.

Surgeon: Dr. Thomas Hubbard
Patient Age: 57

Case Number: 309

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