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This professional woman in her early twenties from West Virginia came to me for a rhinoplasty consultation because she was unhappy with the appearance of her nose.  As shown in the side view of her before photo, there is a small hump and her tip has a suggestion of pointing downward.  She also has some webbing from her upper lip to her nose.  Correcting these issues while also maintaining the beauty of her face would require very precise, sophisticated surgical maneuvers.  For example, notice in her after photo that the bridge is carefully lowered just enough to suit her tip.  For correction of her tip, most surgeons would use a columella strut.  However, this would cause her tip to fall back further, thus requiring the bridge to be lowered even more. This technique would also lend less improvement to the webbing of skin from her upper lip to her nose because the columella strut would fill that area back in after the attempted correction.

Using special techniques to hold the optimal tip position allowed me to leave her bridge just a little higher, leaving her a more natural, beautiful nose and possibly better breathing.    With the tip technique used, I was able to precisely control the rotation of her nose.  Just 3mm was the appropriate amount for her facial features and her height.

Notice in her left view that there is less visibility inside her nose.  A special graft was used along the margin of her left nose lowering that edge to create more similarity to the left side and allow less view inside her nose.  This woman had fat grafting to her cheeks and beneath her eyes for a subtle facial rejuvenation. 

Surgeon: Dr. Thomas Hubbard
Patient Age: 22
Patient Gender: Female

Case Number: 429

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