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This North Carolina lady in her early sixties had breast implants placed above the muscle 30 years ago. Her breasts became very hard and unnatural feeling. We discussed doing capsulectomies, removing the scar tissue, and use of an advanced material called Galaform 3D to create a new pocket and keep separation from the old pocket. We also moved the implants beneath the muscle to create a soft natural feel that she never had. After the scar tissue was removed, her breast settled downward. This is not uncommon with capsulectomies, especially when they are severe and calcified and the scar tissue is preventing the normal aging process that would have happened. When the scar tissue binding the breasts is removed, the breast goes to a shape more appropriate for her age. She chose not to do a lift and is extremely happy with the results.

Surgeon: Dr. Thomas Hubbard

Case Number: 819

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