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This 23-year-old had saline breast implants placed by a plastic surgeon in another state through the inframammary approach.  She came to consult with me because she was not happy about how far the implants had dropped downward since they were placed.  During our consultation, I discussed with her the surgical procedure called capsulorraphy, during which we close off part of the pocket controlling where the implant sits. In her case, this was done through an incision just beneath the nipple so I could come from above and close off the lower pocket sutures.  Temporary implants used only during surgery, known as “sizers”, are always used for this procedure. Sizers help make sure the permanent sutures, hidden on the inside and used to close off the pocket, are in the proper location. They also help make sure the implant is placed in the correct position to achieve the most pleasing shape.  It is important to note that for an extended time after surgery, a bra must be worn to further support these sutures. However, after about two months this extra support is no longer needed, and we can see her result at      months with her implants stable in their proper position. 

Surgeon: Dr. Thomas Hubbard

Case Number: 42

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