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This case is less about appearance and more about the feel and comfort of her implants. This 46-year-old woman had breast implants placed 24 years ago in another state. She always noticed the left side seemed different and it became firm and uncomfortable over time. When she came to Hubbard Plastic Surgery for revision surgery, it was noted that her left implant was actually above the muscle and the right implant below the muscle. She also had a capsule contracture or severe hardening on the left. During surgery her left implant was removed along with the capsule around it, a procedure called capsulectomy. The implant was then placed beneath the muscle like the right side, with the assistance of a material called Galaflex that maintains the implant position and shape and is slowly absorbed by the body over the course of two years. The patient is extremely excited with her result and her picture is shown here at four months. The left implant was very firm and round. She remembers her first massage recently where she dreaded the thought of lying on her stomach due to the pain she used to have on the left side. Instead, she was amazed there was no discomfort as her left breast is no longer hard and round but soft and natural. Notice there is a slight amount of sag on the left side due to the capsule contracture stretching her tissue, but this does not bother her and she is extremely pleased with the result.

Surgeon: Dr. Thomas Hubbard

Case Number: 809

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