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This Southeast Virginia woman in her mid 30s came to see me in consultation following a successful diet and exercise program in which she lost 100 pounds. Although, she felt healthier and had more energy, she was not happy with the resulting looseness of skin on her stomach, hips and breasts. At the time of her consultation she mentioned how much she was bothered by skin on the sides of her abdomen and hips that hung over her jeans. Because of these concerns, I felt she was a good candidate for an extended abdominoplasty or even buttock thigh lift. She was not interested in the buttock thigh lift because of the more extensive excision on the back side but she did feel that a wider scar on her sides would be an acceptable trade-off for her clothing to fit better. Liposuction on her flanks or sides would still leave the skin on the sides hanging over her jeans and she did not want this problem in front or back. Meticulous planning and care was taken to getting her scars as symmetric as possible so that they could be easily hidden with her undergarment. Therefore, her pre-surgical marking was done with her bathing suit bottom in place so that we could design the scars appropriately. She completed her new look with breast implants to restore some of the volume depleted with her weight loss.

Surgeon: Dr. Thomas Hubbard
Patient Gender: Female

Case Number: 136

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