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This Virginia Beach woman came to me following three pregnancies. Her main concern was the bulging of her abdomen, loose skin and deflated breast. Upon exam, it was found that she had unfortunately developed abdominal hernias with her childbirths and this was causing much of the bulging look that bothered her. She decided to use the opportunity of muscle tightening with abdominoplasty to address her hernias as well. Usually the large amount of skin removed during an abdominoplasty is the most dramatic change. However, in her case, repairing the weak fascia and tightening the muscle proved to be most gratifying to her. Still, a considerable amount of skin was removed at the same time creating an even flatter look. We managed to get her scar quite symmetric. Because this patient did not have a lot of excess skin, there is a small vertical umbilical scar that is seen halfway between the umbilicus and the lower horizontal scar. Usually, this scar can be placed lower or eliminated completely in patients with more skin to remove. The longer horizontal scar seen above her photo panties is exactly where she chose it for best concealment with her own clothes. This “makeover” was complimented with a breast augmentation at the same time to give this mother a result that she was extremely pleased with.

Surgeon: Dr. Thomas Hubbard
Patient Age: 36
Patient Gender: Female

Case Number: 135

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