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This Portsmouth Virginia man in his late twenties lost 80 pounds and stays in consistently good shape. He is greatly bothered by his breast enlargement and sag. Considering his weight loss, the most reliable improvement for the extra hanging skin was a large skin ellipse with free nipple grafting which would result in very long scars across the chest. He decided the scar trade-off was worth the improvement. However, because he was young and likely still had good elasticity to his skin, I suggested he try just removing breast tissue with aggressive liposuction without the skin removal and scars. No plastic surgeon knows exactly whether the skin will shrink or the degree of elasticity one has, but I thought it was worth a try, even though he may have needed a second operation later to remove the skin if he was dissatisfied. He agreed with the plan and through a small incision beneath each nipple and at the armpits, liposuction was done followed by direct excision of excess breast tissue. In his particular case, I could see immediately before he left the operating room that the skin was shrinking and that he would likely not need additional surgery. He is extremely happy with the result of this less extensive procedure.

Surgeon: Dr. Thomas Hubbard

Case Number: 898

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