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The patient in his late 20’s had lost a considerable amount of weight. He is bothered by his shape and felt it hindered his motivation to work out. We discussed his mild skin laxity and the possibility that he would need some type of skin excision later, but we will wait to see how his skin shrinks after the extra tissue is removed. He underwent excision of gynecomastia and high-definition liposuction, carefully targeting the borders of the pectoralis and latissimus muscles. We were able to accentuate those areas. His excess breast tissue was sculpted so it no longer distracted from his pectoralis muscles. Looking very closely at the postoperative photos, there is some skin laxity and very minimal rolls of skin in and around his nipple area, but he was extremely happy and not interested in any further improvement.

Surgeon: Dr. Thomas Hubbard

Case Number: 868

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