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The Aesthetic Meeting 2013 Accepts Breast Augmentation-Lift Presentation

The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery has accepted a presentation by Dr. Thomas Hubbard outlining the success of his technique for simultaneous breast augmentation-lift at his Virginia Beach practice.

Virginia Beach, Virginia (March 2013) – Dr. Thomas J. Hubbard (www.hubbardplasticsurgery.com) will present at the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery's annual convention, The Aesthetic Meeting 2013. His presentation examines the efficacy and safety of his personal technique for 1-stage breast augmentation with lift. The Virginia plastic surgeon's talk was accepted for presentation at the event, which takes place April 11 through 16 in New York City.

In the study, 70 consecutive patients underwent Dr. Hubbard's technique for combining breast augmentation and full lift. This operation is also referred to as augmentation mastopexy. For this 5 year series, Dr. Hubbard implemented a unique combination of safety and efficacy measures that he designed and uses at his Hampton Roads plastic surgery practice in Virginia Beach.

"Many surgeons are reluctant to do both breast lift and breast augmentation at the same time," says Dr. Hubbard. "This presentation will demonstrate that surgeons can safely combine these procedures with low complications and low rates of revision surgery."

Dr. Hubbard evaluated the patients over a period of 5 years. Of the 70 patients, only 1 patient during the 5-year period had to undergo revisionary surgery with general anesthesia. She was an especially challenging case with 2 full cup size asymmetry prior to surgery. The technique used by Dr. Hubbard in the study demonstrated one of the lowest complication rates ever reported for this type of complex combination surgery.

"I'm excited to share this information with my peers at The Aesthetic Meeting," says Dr. Hubbard. "The focus is safety and effectiveness, and board-certified plastic surgeons are continually looking for ways to improve in these areas."

Dr. Hubbard's lecture will show as an e-presentation on various monitors throughout the venue during the course of The Aesthetic Meeting. The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and the Aesthetic Surgery Education and Research Foundation jointly host The Aesthetic Meeting. Thousands of plastic surgeons from around the world will converge at the meeting to share innovations and learn from experts in their respective disciplines.

Dr. Hubbard also received a request to submit the presentation for publication in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal.

When asked why surgeons should prefer a combination procedure over individually performed procedures, Dr. Hubbard says combined procedures offer a better experience for patients.

"We can save patients time, discomfort and inconvenience. We can minimize risk. We can even potentially reduce costs for patients. Combined procedures also produce a more comprehensive result for patients who would benefit most from a lift and augmentation."

Dr. Hubbard has become renowned for his approach to the augmentation-lift procedure, with patients opting to travel for plastic surgery from Norfolk, Suffolk, Portsmouth, Newport News and even out-of-state.

A thorough examination with an experienced surgeon such as Dr. Hubbard ensures that you receive a personalized surgical plan for your cosmetic enhancement. Request a consultation online or contact our office by calling (757) 600-6227 to schedule an appointment.

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