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The peri-pyriform implant can be an extremely important addition to rhinoplasty. Through a very detailed consultation, including analysis with photographs and a physical examination, I explained to this 30 year-old patient that her lower nose is actually sunken into her face a small amount.  This is caused by a mild skeletal deficiency called peri-pyriform deficiency, which results in under-projection of the upper jaw. Similar to the way an implant can be placed to enhance an under-projecting chin, a wonderful silicone implant made especially for this purpose can be placed to correct peri-pyriform deficiency. The implant is positioned under the upper lip, filling the deficiency and raising the nose back to a normal position in a very natural way.  At the same time the implant was placed, other subtle aesthetic changes were made to her nose through rhinoplasty, and she is thrilled with all aspects of her procedure.

Surgeon: Dr. Thomas Hubbard
Patient Age: 30

Case Number: 304

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