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This Virginia Beach woman underwent breast reduction in 2004. She was quite pleased with the shape and size, but then years later decided to lose considerable weight – a total of 60 pounds. She had much hollowing from the weight loss, and sag developed as well. She chose breast augmentation to get size back and address the hollow that resulted from the weight loss.  She chose a breast lift at the same time to further tighten the loose skin.  She is very pleased with the breast augmentation of 420 cc on the left and 395 cc on the right.  She had 38 grams removed from the left and 51 grams removed from the right.  With the surgery it was not necessary to redo the scars on the sides of her chest from her breast reduction, as new breast lift techniques make that very often unnecessary.  With her weight loss she is still lacking some tissue on the side of her chest, but the breast implants clearly helped the upper chest and nicely added the size she desired. 

Surgeon: Dr. Thomas Hubbard

Case Number: 34

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