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Many years ago, This 51-year-old woman from Franklin, VA had a breast lift and 200cc implants placed at the same time.  She came for a consultation to discuss liposuction and she was not happy with her breast.  She wanted larger breasts with better shape.  Following our discussion, she had a deflation of her right breast implant, therefore she decided to proceed with the breast revision surgery at the same time. The type of lift that she had years earlier was the old skin-type lift, which is not very effective.  I explained the benefits of the more advanced vertical breast lift that I often perform. Also, by placing larger implants she could achieve more fullness in her upper chest with less space between her breasts.  During surgery, her implants were changed to 500cc saline implants and then a vertical lift was performed. This included the removal of lower wedge breast tissue which is extremely important to lift the breasts into a better shape.  We can see in the after photos that the careful technique of controlling tension on the incisions resulted in scars that are excellent and the position of the implants is very good.  Because her left side was slightly larger, more breast tissue was removed from the left breast.  By choosing high profile implants, there was further improvement to her shape.  The powerful effect of the vertical breast lift gave this patient the result she was looking for. Her "After" photos were taken 5 months following the procedure.

Surgeon: Dr. Thomas Hubbard
Patient Age: 51
Implant Size Left: 520 cc
Implant Size Right: 520 cc
Tissue Removed Left: 43 grams
Tissue Removed Right: 37 grams

Case Number: 363

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