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This very attractive young woman from Chesapeake Virginia had multiple sports-related traumas to her nose over the years. She had three surgeries to correct the injuries, however she was left with a hump on her bridge, crookedness and trouble breathing on the right. After a thorough exam and consultation, I explained that the pinching she had on the sides of her nose not only made the tip look wider, but it was due to a congenital turning in of her cartilages affecting her breathing. With this orientation of her cartilage many rhinoplasty methods would make her breathing worse and not improve the pinching. Considering the trauma, previous surgeries and the cartilage problem, our plan for surgery was very detailed. With special grafts, her breathing was improved. However, she is more excited that her tip looks narrower and more elegant and her other concerns were addressed as well. Her results are a great example of state-of-the-art grafting methods in the hands of an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon.

Surgeon: Dr. Thomas Hubbard

Case Number: 660

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