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Surgeon: Dr. Thomas Hubbard

This young lady in her late teens from Chesapeake was bothered by the shape of her nose. She was concerned that her tip seemed low and she wanted it brought up. During our detailed consultation which included video imaging, I was able to point out several other areas for improvement. The length of her upper lip was very short. During surgery we could lengthen her upper lip to a more normal proportion to the rest of her face. Also, I pointed out that her left nostril was much higher than the right, which seemed to pull her left lip upward. With some of the latest grafting methods, we brought that side of her nose down. Removing some septal cartilage, we lengthened her upper lip. With careful measurements from a reference point on the forehead, the nose was shortened and rotated up, with a carefully planned number of millimeters. She is extremely happy with the appearance from the front and side view, and her breathing improved as well.

Case Number: 637

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