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This 23 year old aspiring actress from Los Angeles had a rhinoplasty performed by a facial plastic surgeon.  Following a revision procedure with the same surgeon, she remained displeased by the drooping tip, wide asymmetric bone, various lumps, depressions and crookedness. Following a very thorough discussion of her options, I performed a revision rhinoplasty, narrowing the bones appropriately, correcting the lumps and depressions and most importantly putting the tip in the proper youthful, feminine, natural position.  The very subtle turning up of her tip is not seen in the front view because her head is turned down for the photo but it is nicely appreciated on the side view.   She also had fat grafting to the areas below her eyes, beneath the nose, to the lips and along the jawline in a very subtle way.  She is extremely pleased with the results and feels it could be a benefit for her future job opportunities. She also feels her breathing has improved.  Dr Hubbard has spoken nationally and internationally on such delicate maneuvers to the tip.

Surgeon: Dr. Thomas Hubbard
Patient Age: 23

Case Number: 160

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