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This Virginia Beach woman in her early thirties has extremely attractive facial features, however she felt that the inside of her nose showed excessively, detracting from her appearance. There is a name for this among rhinoplasty surgeons and we call it caudal septal excess. It is also a type of tension nose. Her lower nose overgrew, making her tip look turned up and lifting much of her upper lip. She had a number of other issues we addressed but for this particular one, the septum was trimmed and the tip cartilages were repositioned to give her a normal appearing upper lip and much more normal appearing lower nose. She also had extremely asymmetric nostrils which were improved at the same time. Her photo is only 4 months after surgery, so the scars are still pink, and the tip is still somewhat swollen. However, it is very clear that the shape of her nose is clearly improved, as we predicted.

Surgeon: Dr. Thomas Hubbard

Case Number: 648

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