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This 29-year-old woman traveled from another state to discuss a revision rhinoplasty from two previous surgeries.  She had experienced some difficulty breathing and visited a surgeon to correct this issue. She agreed to let him make some visual changes to her nose at the same time, but later regretted this decision. She had been happy with the way her nose looked to begin with, and a lot of unwanted changes occurred due to the surgeon’s inexperience. She then went to a different surgeon in a large city for a revision.  However, like the first surgeon, he did not listen to her actual concerns, and his revision made her nose even worse.

As a result of these procedures, her bridge was unintentionally lowered and her crookedness was made worse, which greatly bothered her. Her breathing was worsened and each procedure had also weakened the support to her tip, dropping it and making her nostrils flare out, which was very noticeable especially when she smiled. These were all unwanted changes from the nose she began with, so she sought consultation with me to correct them.

During her procedure, we built up the bridge with diced wrapped rib cartilage, straightened her nose with asymmetric grafts along the bridge, and supported her tip in a more appropriate position for her bridge. With this repositioning of her tip cartilages and some additional grafts, the nostril flaring was greatly improved.  While she was initially disappointed to find out that only rib grafting could bring about the changes she desired, she is now very happy with the improvements we were able to accomplish in all of the specific areas that bothered her. 

Surgeon: Dr. Thomas Hubbard
Patient Age: 29
Patient Gender: Female

Case Number: 430

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