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When this 26-year-old young lady from Virginia Beach came to consult with me, she had been bothered by her prominent ears for quite some time.  During her pre-operative exam, we noted that she had large conchal bowls (A), poor development of the anti-helical folds (B) and very prominent earlobes (C).  Because her left ear was more prominent,  we discussed improving symmetry, as well.  During surgery, extra tissue was partially removed.  Since the outside part of the ear curved outward, the cartilage was weakened and sutures were used to mold it into a more aesthtetic shape, which can be seen in the photos taken from the side.  Finally, skin was removed to pull the earlobes back.  In her before and after pictures, both in front and back views, we can see much less prominent ears and a great improvement in symmetry. 

Surgeon: Dr. Thomas Hubbard
Patient Age: 26

Case Number: 318

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